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New Strategies from these Social Media Sources

As a social marketer, you should be attuned to the many changes in the way people and companies do social marketing on the web. It may sound like an exaggeration but it is definitely not – be gone for a few days, disconnected from the web, and you will realize how much news you may have missed…and how that will adversely affect the way you engage in online marketing. You may have missed one very important report that changes the marketing strategy you actively adapt, or otherwise overlooked a recent breakthrough that put your competitors ahead of you in techniques; either way, it means losing a lot for your clients, and not being able to hold your end of the bargain in making their marketing strategies work.

Check out the following articles. They are relatively recent, and speak a lot about social media marketing and great, effective ways to adopt approaches for their successful practice.

This feature from Socialnomics is presented in infographic format, presenting mobile adoption trends – a very important topic these days, considering that millions of web users and social network members are going mobile, i.e. using mobile gadgets that are now being developed as powerful and efficient as previous desktop or laptop models.

Sometimes, a social marketer’s life is all about stats. Reliable stats, should we say; stats that will help him determine the trends, and the ways by which he can better engage in social marketing practices. This article provides just that great and useful information that will help you optimize social marketing strategies, given with stats for your reference.

From Social Media Examiner, we have this comprehensive article on the psychology behind successful social media marketing. Indeed, at some point, some social marketers will have to take the stance of psychological and behavior experts to determine which strategies will work best for which product, service or company.

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