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Tracking Target Customers through Facebook

Facebook has over 800 million registered users, and if you’re particularly good at branding and marketing, chances are that you will get a huge percentage of these users to “like” your Facebook page. But in marketing, it’s not enough to enjoy these results; you also need to track and monitor it extensively, as this will identify further opportunities, point out strengths, and determine weaknesses and threats. It is not enough that you have the finest free Facebook templates.

So after fully implementing your Facebook branding strategy, you should turn your attention to effectively tracking your social customers on the popular social networking site. You just have to use unique Facebook page templates to enhance your social page. Even if there is far too much activity in your Facebook page, you should invest time and effort into translating this activity to actual marketing data that will be of use to you.

What Facebook Tracking Applications Can Do For You

Fortunately, this isn’t as hard as you think it is, thanks to the presence of several tracking programs that have been designed for this very purpose. These tracking programs help you monitor all the content you post on your page, telling you which ones the most people like, which ones your potential customers like to share, which ones they are commenting on, and which ones don’t get much response. These tools also help you track how viral your content is. Believe it or not, every single response or interaction with a potential customer can tell you so much, and if you are aware of it, you can use the information you gather to improve your marketing efforts.

Aside from tracking the activity within your Facebook site, there are also tools that allow you to track messages, comments, and topics in which your keywords and key phrases are mentioned. This helps you find out who are talking about things related to your business, thus allowing you to track not just existing customers but also your potential social customers.

On top of these, effective tracking should be able to help you classify your fans based on their involvement with you. According to some studies, there is a predictable way in which a potential fan can become a super fan. If you know exactly what kind of fan a user is, then you will also know what kind of marketing effort is needed to boost him up to the next fan level and make him more invested in your brand.

Choosing the Best Facebook Tracking Tools


To make sure your tracking efforts are accurate and effective, you need the best Facebook tracking tools around. There are many kinds of tracking tools available online; as expected, some of them charge a fee for their services. If you are a business with advertising budget to spare, then you should look into buying the best, most detailed tracking program around. The investment will certainly pay off, and given the potential of the Facebook marketplace, it is one of the investments that you should certainly prioritize.

There are, however, some free offers as well, which are great for small and startup businesses. These are also great for those who are not yet familiar with tracking mechanisms and want to be able to try it first.

And of course, Facebook has its own tracking reports, which page owners can only access once their page activity reaches a certain level. This tool can be very useful as well, and since it is free to use, it is best if you take advantage of it.

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