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Vampire Frenzy and Social Media

Many are mistaken that the present generation’s interest – or more aptly, fascination – with these (mythical? fictional?) blood sucking creatures stemmed from the success of the Twilight saga penned by Stephenie Meyer. We beg to disagree. People have been fascinated with these ‘immortal’, beautiful creatures as far back as the late 1800s with Bram Stoker’s “Dracula”. Although without a doubt, a renewed interest thereon was really brought about by the success of Meyer’s fiction work showcasing the life and love of Edward Cullen and Isabella Swan. Since its success, thousands of vampire fiction both in pop and contemporary literature have followed suit, and surprisingly gained phenomenal success. It has now crossed over to movies and television, with a number of tv series successfully making it among the top listers in prime time. Expectedly, vampire enthusiasts now populate social media and exhibit a show of force to fully support their favorite novels, movies or tv shows depicting the “lives” of these “undead”.
You may be a vampire enthusiast yourself, and a member of social media networks, in which case it is not surprising that you are following the pages, profiles and groups of these very popular vampire franchises. Whether you are a member of Team Edward or Team Jacob, of Team Stefan or Team Damon, you probably have unquenchable thirst for vampire information. Check out these social media articles that will surely satisfy this thirst for everything related to vampire fiction that are popular with millions nowadays.

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